What In The Business World These Acronyms Mean..

So for everyone starting out, I know I used to struggle with all the different acronyms out there. Here I have compiled some for you to reference back to!

CPC: Cost Per Click; Used when you want to drive traffic to your site

CPV: Cost Per View; If you are putting a video in your ad, this is exactly what you want.

CPM: Pay every time the publisher serves your ad

CPA: Not a certified public accountant! This is what you use to increase sales, Cost Per Acquistion

vCPM: The “v” stands for viewable & this is the one you use when you want to raise the brand awareness but only pay for measured viewable impressions

B2B: Business to business

B2C: Business to consumer

BR: Bounce Rate

CMS: Content Management System

CTA: Call to action

CTR: Click through rate

PTO: Paid time off

YTD: Year to date

AP: Accounts Payable

AR: Accounts receivable

AI: artificial Intelligence

CPU: Cost per unit

P&L: Profit & Loss

CPU: Central Processing Unit

QA: Quality Assurance

VPN: VIrtual Private Network



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