Google Ad Words

Everyone knows of Google & I know everyone has seen the ads at the top of the screen when you search anything within Google’s platform.

Have you ever wondered how businesses get their ads displayed there?

It is actually pretty simple.

You want to start by creating a Google AdWords account! The great thing that I love about adwords is that I can control every aspect of my budget. This is a huge win for small businesses that don’t have tons of ad spend in their budget.

Staying organized is just as important as some things. AdWords allows you to be able to keep your ads organized by products or whatever it is your advertising.

Just like Facebook, if you have multiple ad accounts you manage there is an AdWords manager you can get to keep all your accounts in one spot.

The great thing about Google is your ads can show up on any site or app within the Google Network, should it fit the targeting appropriately. Also, if you have customers that leave items in their basket, you can re-target them to get them back onto your site & continue the purchase all the way through.

The trick to getting customers to your site over anothers, is KEYWORDS. If you are selling last minute travel deals you may want to use the keywords “last minute flights”. Using the wrong keywords will bring the wrong people to your site resulting in no sale. Google also allows you to enter “negative keywords” these are keywords for items you DON’T sell. For example, if you are a shoe store but don’t sell men’s soccer cleats you would put cleats under your negative keywords.

Are you on Google AdWords?

Oh & by the way, Google AdWords has a free certfication, go check it out!




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