Twitter Talk

For those who do not know, Twitter has been going through & removing inactive accounts. Me personally, I am happy they are doing that because about six months ago I manually went through my following over of 1k people and removed everyone that hadn’t posted within 1 year. I am pretty sure, I got rid of almost 100 accounts.

Sure my following dropped but I am an honest person, I would rather have 100 less real followers than inactive followers. They aren’t intereacting with me so what is the point?

When I first heard about this I was happy & still to this day I am happy that Twitter is taking the action to remove dead accounts. Sure everyone cares when they lose following because their brand might be in jeopardy or someone might not purchase from you because you dont have 10k following etc.

Take it from me, you can monetize on your accounts with even a little following because all that matters is the value they are receiving. If they believe the value is worth it, you will have a lifelong customer.

This is a good thing Twitter is doing. Deal with it. Rebuild a genuine following if you are effected.


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