Tip Tuesday

I am sure you have heard of the application, Dropbox, right?

If you haven’t, it is a cloud storage application that saves my life most days.

I have Dropbox on my Iphone & my business laptop. This saves me when I leave my laptop at home by accident or I am trying to send an email from my phone that needs an attachment.

It is super simple to use & is free. If you use a lot of storage you will need to purchase an additional amount of storage but it isn’t expensive.

I always say work smarter not harder and this application allows you to save time and headaches. I store everything from my mobile photos/videos to my word documents.

When you want to upload more photos from your phone to the app, you simply just open the Dropbox app on your phone & make sure your photo upload setting is turned on of course! Once the phone is open (unlocked) it will start uploading to your computer.

**The app must be open the whole time, it will pause if the phone locks or you change apps**

Go ahead and check it out, no this is not an affiliate link. http://www.dropbox.com

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