25 Creative Recruiting Techniques

Struggling with finding & hiring the RIGHT people? Here are 25 creative ways to recruit team members.

  1. Contests
  2. Eligibility for drawings
  3. Brochures promoting job oppurtunities
  4. Business Card sized applications
  5. Personalize recruitment advertisements
  6. Layered Information in advertising
  7. Print and broadcast ads in languages associated with the community
  8. Posters aimed for foreign students
  9. Visiting executives at colleges adn high schools
  10. Promotions with media
  11. Celebrity branded events
  12. On – site interviews at malls, agencies & other public places
  13. Telephone Job Line
  14. Toll Free Numbers
  15. Return postage guarenteed
  16. Mobile recruiting vans
  17. Direct Mail & envelope stuffers
  18. Local teachers unions and school districts
  19. Revive the dead resume file
  20. Ask applicants for names of two or three other people
  21. Asking for referrals on the application
  22. Advertise training sessions
  23. Develop a slogan specific to recruiting
  24. Hot Air Balloons or Blimps
  25. Advertisement at movie theaters

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