How To: Diffuse A Social Media Nightmare

Being in the industry of social media marketing, means that you will inevitably have days where you spend most of your hard work on diffusing a disgruntled client & avoiding a complete image disaster.

Today was the first time in a while, that I had to do such things.

(I started writing this 2 months ago, keep reading it will hopefully help you avoid these kinds of clients)

I did everything in my power to handle the disgruntled client. Interestingly enough, she was not in the right at all & was basically doing a personal attack on my client more than the brand, but for my client it was one and the same.

I made sure to block her on all the platforms, remove all the “reviews” that had nothing to even do with the company as a whole. This person also has a huge following so that meant I had to watch the social platforms like a hawk to see what was being said.

I took 2 full days of work and managed to get the brand unharmed. I was incredibly proud of myself & my client was very happy.

Fast forward two months to finding out the real reason behind it happening, which truly had nothing to do with the brand. My client knew the whole time the real reason & didn’t bring me in the loop. I wasted long days and nights on this client to ensure their online representation was unscathed.

Upon the two months mark since, I was having a lot of trouble getting paid by this person. It was ridiculous. Only to find out they had planned to only “use me” and then dump me.

Never work with “friends” or help “friends” out without legal documentation. I could fight because in the eyes of the court, a verbal agreement is a legal binding transaction. The honest truth, it is not even worth it. It is easier for me to go out & get new clients to make up for the “loss”. Mind you, this was one of my first clients back in the day so I was just so excited to start that I skipped the “insurance” part. This is where your positive mindset is crucial.

By staying positive, I was able to rack up 3 new clients instead of just one. Don’t lose sight of your end goal. This whole situation, I don’t take as a loss. It was another door closing with 3 more opening.

Don’t let the hard times get you.


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