Sunday Mornings & Why They Are Important

I do my best not to work on Sunday, instead I use the morning for reflection on my past week & see how or what I can improve on  during the upcoming week.

One way I do this is by keeping a journal. I write down everything that went right and wrong. I also use Sunday for learning, whether I am reading a book, watching documentaries or YouTube, I make sure I learn something new. Mind you, it usually pertains to my industry.

I don’t care how long you have been in your industry, new techniques and software are launching EVERY DAY. There is always something you can learn to hone your skills. Even if you are just practicing, stay actively learning. It is vital to success in today’s society.

Having the skills to run your company is vital to success but what people don’t realize is how important a positive mindset for you to continue moving your company towards the end goal. There will be days where you wonder why you started your company & in order to keep the momentum to moving forward you have to be able to handle the lows with a positive mindset. If your mindset is on point, you can be unstoppable.

What is your Sunday routine like? How do you prepare for the upcoming week?


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