Breach Of Contract Notice – Template


BY REGISTERED MAIL                                                                       

Month Day, Year Recipient NameRecipient Company, if applicableRecipient AddressRecipient City, State, Zip Code


Dear [Mr.][Mrs.][Ms.] Recipient Last Name:
I am writing to notify you that you are in breach of section[s] section number[s] of the agreement between Recipient Name and Company Name dated Month Day, Year (the “Agreement”).


Specifically, you have breached the following obligations under the Agreement:


  1. Insert description 1


  1. Insert description 2


  1. Insert description 3


  1. Insert description 4


  1. Insert description 5


Unless you remedy this breach [within Number days of this letter’s date] [in accordance with section[s] section number[s] of the Agreement], we will take measures to protect our rights under the Agreement and applicable law. All rights are reserved under this notice.












cc: [additional individuals (e.g., legal department, records, etc.)]


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