Rejection & How To Handle It

In the world of sales, rejection is a part of the process. If every sales person quit after they were rejected, there would be no world of sales.

For myself, I have a goal of prospecting 5 new businesses a WEEK. I make sure I do all 5 businesses in one day. Heres why:

  • By having them all in one day, I am forcing myself to overcome the rejection.
  • I am able to reflect on what worked & what didn’t while it is fresh in my mind.
  • This also helps with confidence, getting used to talking to people in a business setting.

Sales is different for everyone, I am still learning everyday. The key, is handling your rejection like a pro. You will get more rejection at first than sales, don’t get down and think you are a failure. There are several things that may affect that decision;

  • You may have the wrong target market
  • You may have shaky and an unsure tone
  • No track record
  • Your sales approach might be too hard or too soft

Stop comparing yourself to the ones who have already made it. You will get there.

Here is a sample of a cold email or cold call script:


This is an email to hopefully spark hope in the hearts of whoever reads.
We are Safe Haven, a website, a community, of people striving for bettering the lives of those in the LGBT.
We are nonprofit, a start up, and a group of individuals who need your help to spread our services.
We offer Talk Leaders, a group of people with specific traits, partnered with someone who needs an ear to talk to for support, advice, or just to listen.

To make our name, movement and mission known, we need your help. All donations go to furthering our reach into the community. We are starting with donations for raffles, prizes, eventually hoping for free will donations from people who see the importance of our mission.

Thank you for what you are doing, and will continuing to do.

– Safe Haven.


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