Instagram’s Latest Update & More!

Not only did Instagram reach ONE BILLION users this month, but they also launched Instagram TV.

Congrats to Instagram on that AMAZING milestone.

Photo, Video & Audio content are the gold mines right now for engagement. Between the free content online & the thousands of mobile applications out there to help turn your photos into professional quality, there is NO excuse to not be using any of those three methods.

Written content will always be around and important but in today’s society, people are that lazy and in return, these simpler ways of communication are taking the fore front in the digital marketing industry.

IG TV is launched & people are reacting positively to the latest update. IG TV is exactly how it sounds, there are channels just as if you were watching cable TV. The channels are the creators themselves, which is huge for the creators & the person branding industry. Instead of the minute limit on video content allowed to post to the platform, they are now allowing videos up to ONE HOUR in length.

This is a huge win for Instagram because now YouTube has some good competition. Right now, YouTube is in hot water with the LGBT community in regards to demonitizing content. *Stay tuned for a blog about that as well*


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