Facebook Ads Vs. Boosting Posts

I get asked quite often why it is better to use Facebook Ads vs. Boosting Posts, here is why I DON’T boost posts.

Yes, boosting posts will get your post seen, but it severely limits your options.

It is smarter for your wallet & brand to build an engagement ad. By doing so, you will be able to have a CTA (Call To Action) which is necessary for conversions.

In addition to CTA, you can target your ideal customer by using several different targeting methods such as, behaviour, language, interests & more.

Take the time and build an ad because if you are going to spend $10 or $1000 you want to make sure you are reaching the right people for the right price. Facebook is a pay-to-play site, but it can also get you thousands of engagements or reach for pennies on the dollar.

There is no where else you can do that.

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