Twitter Chats & Why They Are Effective

I don’t know about you but I LOVE Twitter.

It is the easiest social platform to grow your brand & following. No cap offs on who you follow or with how quick you follow people.

The hashtag (#) was founded with Twitter. A Twitter chat, is a conversation built around a hashtag. This works wonders when you begin prospecting, looking for more knowledge, answering a question, building relationships & more.

A great way to build a following is creating a hashtag around your brand. For example, mine is #SKMarketingGroup, this way anyone who uses my hashtag can ask me a question or initiate a conversation with my brand.

I love using Twitter Chats for throwing ideas around or if I am stuck on something & need a creative boost Twitter Chats are a great resource for me. There are tons of FREE resources out there to get started in your entrepreneurship journey.

As you provide continuous real value, your Twitter chats will begin to be discussions with your followers because once fellow Twitter users see you are legit, they will turn into loyal followers.

Value brings authenticity.



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