Organization – The Never-Ending War

I have always struggled with organization & I was always looking for tips, so here is my addition to the list. My Top 4.

  1. Always carry a note pad with you. By doing this you can take the thoughts & ideas in your mind & put it by motion. Once you write something down, you begin to commit to it.
  2. Utilize the to-do list & reminder apps on your smart phone. It is always better to set a reminder than going off your memory.
  3. Utilize up high for storage. Shelving up high for things that you don’t use too much. It keeps it out-of-the-way & keeps your place looking spacious.
  4. May sound dumb or too simple but it works, Color Coding! For someone like myself that owns two businesses & manage 4, color coding helps me keep things in their respective location. & quickly.



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