Lets Talk – Scheduling

You can be the greatest at your niche, but if you can’t get your schedule to move swiftly, you will fail.

-If you are someone who normally runs behind schedule, include buffer time between your appointments to cover any overlay that may occur.

-Confirm with your appointments 24 hours ahead. This allows you to reschedule that time slot & still make money! There is nothing more frustrating than a last-minute cancellation. We have all encountered them at least once in our life.

-Offer rewards for booking ahead of time to help fill your schedule up.

-Self Booking apps, try a couple before choosing. I know, Setmore, their self booking link has some bugs that need fixed. Should you find one that works best for you, these links can save a lot of time.

-I suggest having your clients pay a deposit when they book online to ensure they show up. That way if they don’t, you still made something.

Expense it! Hire a full-time person to manage all scheduling across the board. It will be the smartest investment you make. Make sure they are reliable though, a poor hire could give you a rough time. By doing this, you allow yourself more time to focus on more important business matters.

Use these tips to help keep the stress down with scheduling.




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