Fear – Don’t Let It Cripple You, Turn It Into Fuel


  1. Focus on your dream. Write down every step needed to do in order to get there. The first step is always scariest, but once you take it the excitement will take over. Let the excitement run through you, but stay level headed. Don’t make emotional decisions that will hurt your company long term.
  2. Focus on the future. Failure will come, a lot. I live with failure more than I should, but I learn from it. You have two options when you fail; you either let it fuel you and learn from it or you let it defeat you. Don’t let it defeat you. Failure is necessary for success.
  3. Focus on the good. Things will not always go your way and you will feel defeated, its normal. What will separate you from the ones who don’t succeed is how you handle your low points.  Everyday I write down a list of things that went right and I write down a list of things that flopped; reflect. Learn from both good and bad experiences.
  4. Focus on who you influence. Don’t try and solve a problem for the whole world. Start small and influence and grow from there. The brand will grow organically once you start influencing others.

If you let fear fuel you in a good way, your possibilities are endless and your future is will continue to blossom. Turn your fuel into excitement. It is all about your mindset. Your mindset determines where you will go. If you remain positive, good things will eventually happen, however, when negative thoughts persist, doubt and concern will eventually be too powerful and overcome you.


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