Time Management

Time management is one of the most important skills you need to master in order to succeed.
I personally hate when people waste my time, every conversation or meeting should be valuable for both parties.
I founded a platform within the LGBT community, two months ago. We are going live this month & it’s already global. Within these two months, I have learned a lot about time management & the importance of it in the world of business.
One of my major struggles was feeling as if I wasn’t splitting my time accurately between both of my companies, let alone my family & social life. On Sunday evening, I write out my goals for the week & I also write down how I am going to get there.
I do this because in that moment I have the time to really think the best option through, so come the time I start to waste time by “over-thinking” I can know that I already made the most sound decision.
Think about it? Right now, how many hours a week do you spend over thinking happenings or what ifs? How many hours within a day?
You’ll notice a huge change in your aspect of time.
I promise it is okay to say no to people. This one was very hard for me to break a habit of. Instead of wasting your time with future meetings that you know aren’t going to lead to something, just say no. Fill that time with time for prospecting or responding to emails.
I hate tardiness. If you reach out to me prior saying your stuck in traffic, totally okay. If you show up to the meeting 10 minutes late with a hot coffee & sandwich, I will get up and walk away. Be smart. Schedule lunch meetings! Kill two birds with one stone.
Get gas the night before, write down your TO-DO list while it is still fresh in your mind. Pick one day out of the work week to do your out of office meetings & let the rest of the week be for all your pressing matters. Sticky notes are awesome for time management.

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