Facebook Versions, I LOVE Mine

SO we all know that at all times there are thousands of different versions of Facebook being tested. One of the features I had for about 4 months was a one click, invite all, for business pages. Just today, I noticed that they brought back the old version of having to click each and every one you wanted to invite. LAME.

Anyways, I noticed a new feature today! Now when you go on a profile, instead of the feed being confusing & jumbled (WHICH I HATED, BTW) you can now choose from “List View” or “Grid View”. List view is an organized chronological viewing of the feed & grid view is a picture snap shot of what each post was.

I personally LOVE THIS feature. I started to detract from Facebook for about 6 months & just recently I have found myself back on it for more personal reasons than business. The personal pages seem more clean & organized, good job with this one Facebook.

I presume there to be a lot more new features to come through the pipeline.

What is one Facebook feature that you LOVE!? Share your favorite in the comments below.


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