Tips For Dealing With Anxiety & Depression

Being a business owner, I deal with stress & anxiety quite often. Over the course of my 26 years alive, there are the tips & tricks that I have learned to work for me.

  1. GET A PUPPY! Well a dog in general, they are great companions & always make me feel better.
  2. Going for a walk around the block or to a local town center, getting fresh air does wonders!
  3. If you are artistically skilled then this one is for you. Doodle, draw, painting, sketching & drawing. I personal suck at these, but if you got the talent, rock it!
  4. I love doing puzzles, it helps me focus down & control my scatter brain.
  5. Listening to music!!!! I listen to all kinds of music from country to instrumental and rap.
  6. Adult coloring book!! So much fun & great therapy.
  7. Sudoku, crosswords & word searches are also tons of fun!
  8. Progressive muscle relaxation.
  9. Weight blankets help if you don’t have a person to cuddle with.
  10. Going to the gym! It isn’t for everyone but is a great way to release any emotion.
  11. Write music, poetry or in a journal. After my dad first died, I wrote a letter to him everyday & it helped me cope a lot.
  12. If you like to cook or bake, this is a great way to work away any anxiety.
  13. Go to a local dog park & sit on the bench & play with the puppies. If you can’t afford or have a dog of your own.
  14. Yoga & mediation & focusing on your breathing is a great way to slow your heart down.

I hope these tips help you as much as they help me!

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