10 Laws of Social Media Marketing

If you are struggling in making a name for yourself in the Social Media Marketing world, follow these 10 laws to stand out!

  1. Law Of Listening
    1. The most important thing to do within social media is listen, listen to your followers, peers, customers.
  2. Law Of Focus
    1. Focus in on one section and become a master, don’t try and be the jack of all trades.
  3. Law Of Quality
    1. Your connections need to be of people that are going to be inspired by your content & learn. You would rather have 100 people share your content to more people that need it than 1000 people that don’t care.
  4. Law Of Patience
    1. Success in social media will not happen overnight, it takes hard work, dedication & a lot of patience.
  5. Law Of Compounding
    1. If your work is valuable, interesting & meaningful it will be shared by your followers on their pages & it will help index the search engines to see more people.
  6. Law Of Influence
    1. Find out who the influencers are in your area of expertise, reach out to them & build genuine connections. One day they might share your content to their followers.
  7. Law Of Value
    1. Always post valuable information. If you start posting all about your company, people will leave. I use the 80/20 rule, 80% business value & 20% self promotion. Content is King
  8. Law Of Acknowledgment
    1. You would never ignore someone face to face or on the phone, do not ignore the people that write comments, share, and are truly following you.
  9. Law Of Accessibility
    1. Don’t make a post and then vanish for a month. It will ruin your name & also people will unfollow you. No matter how good the content is.
  10. Law Of Reciprocity
    1. Don’t expect your followers to share your content, if you don’t share theirs.

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