Snapchat Updates

If anyone is using Snapchat for personal branding & business then this is the article for you. For all of Snapchat’s users you may have noticed a new lay out!

At the top it is now separated between Groups, Stories & Chats, which I am personally a fan of because I have over 100 talk leaders for my Safe Haven Platform and it can get chaotic when seeing who posted what where.

Snapchat also has started running ads in their “SnapLense”. This is known as a high quality ad. Being a digital marketer, I think this is a smart move, it taps into the lazy community. Lets be real, a lot of us are very lazy people, I think this will be a very smart move for Snapchat.

Snapchat in my mind is under-rated but I do understand why a lot of businesses don’t use it. It is very much a young demographic & if that isn’t your target market, then it would be useless. With Snapchat feeling the heat to produce or shutdown, they are heading in the right direction.


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