30 Day Social Media Content Challenge

  1. Tip of the trade
  2. Share the company story
  3. Share a bio of your top employees / Employee of the Month
  4. Picture of your workplace
  5. Fun facts about the company
  6. Throwback Thursday (TBT)
  7. Spotlight a company you work with
  8. Post something seasonal
  9. Inspiration
  10. Cross promote
  11. Announcements within the company
  12. Share events you will be attending
  13. Customer of the month
  14. Trivia/Contest
  15. Promote traffic to your website
  16. Answer commonly asked questions
  17. Book Review..industry related
  18. Product/Service of the month
  19. Repeat something that worked well
  20. Create an online offer
  21. Host a Q&A session
  22. Post your mailing list
  23. Provide an organizational tip
  24. Post a video
  25. Favorite quote
  26. Industry related article
  27. Free Resource (cheat sheet)
  28. Thank you customers
  29. Take a poll
  30. Testimonials

The more active you are on your social platforms, the more success will come to your page & strategy. Push yourself to do this 30 day challenge & see the results for yourself. Now it is easier than ever to do this because you can schedule your posts if you are using Instagram & as always you can schedule posts on Facebook!

Check out SK Marketing Group for more info: http://www.skmarketinggroup.com

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