Tax On Social Media

Around the world, countries are contemplating putting a tax on social media in hopes that it will lessen the amount of gossip goes through all of these platforms.

Upfront it seems like a great idea but the real question is how will the countries be able to target the ones that purchase internet for social media. Some say that they are thinking of just taxing the internet as a whole in hopes it will lessen the gossip.

I personally grew up with the internet always being “free” and the idea of a taxed internet might be a good thing. I remember when you had to be a college student to first get onto Facebook, maybe that should come back before a paying version. With such ease of access for anyone and everyone to go on and claim to say truths all the way around, maybe this will help point people in the right direction. Maybe even have people step away from the internet for a couple of hours more in a day & spend more time outside or with the important people in their lives.

There will always be internet, you can be sure about that, but it may not always be free. Even Facebook has mentioned that there will always be a “free” version indicating that paid Facebook isn’t far behind in reality.

What does a paid version of Facebook mean for businesses, we will have to wait to hear more.

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  1. I think it would be hard to find a way to tax the internet, we already pay a tax on our service from our service provider. As creators we need to focus on the ways we can help our audiences earn more money from the internet. The internet is the future work place of the next generations.

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