Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

In clients eyes, it is all about the numbers. How many likes, follows, shares, etc. The truth is that all those numbers don’t me anything if they aren’t loyal followers. There are hundreds if not thousands of different ways you can “buy” following. As tempting as it may be, DON’T DO IT. Here is why:

  1. There are platforms that can detect whether accounts have fake followers.
  2. It is way more expensive to purchase than grow organically.
  3. You will look silly when you post & have 11k following and only 5 people like your photo.
  4. No customer loyalty to follow from it.

There are countless of more reasons I could put up above but you get the point. Sure, at first the client will be highly impressed with the jump in following, but what they will also notice is no bump in sales from it. You will then be approached about it & then you will ruin your reputation. After that you are all down hill.

If you want to grow your following follow these tips:

  1. Post high quality educational information that will benefit your readers.
  2. If you have the opportunity to use photo or video, do it. It helps with your reach tremendously.
  3. Build relationships, whether it is with a customer or another business.
  4. Partner up with another company that will help grow yours.
  5. Connect with your customers when they leave comments.

It really isn’t hard to grow your following. As long as you have great copy & actively connect with your target market you will be golden. **IT WON’T HAPPEN OVERNIGHT** You need to be patient, using these methods will lead your business to a whole new level.


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