Have you heard the term “crowdfunding” recently?

Crowdfunding is the act of raising small amounts of money from a large amount of people. There are multiple sites out there hosting as platforms for crowdfunding. I am sure you have heard of Go Fund Me or YouCaring.

Everyone has heard the stories about people making false accounts & using the money for something else. You can’t always control everything, overall the idea of the platform is amazing. It allows anyone with internet access to be able to donate to something they truly believe in, such as my newest project, Safe Haven LGBT.

I was laying in bed one day, trying to think of how someone as small as me can actually make a difference in this world. Then I realized how I could, by creating Safe Haven LGBT. This platform will be revolutionizing the LGBT community, a place where you can find answers for anything under the LGBT umbrella. Our goal at Safe Haven is to lessen the suicide rate within the community.

If you are interested in learning more about Safe Haven go & check out our YouCaring page below & learn about who we are! Remember, even $1 does help. Help me save lives.


Author: Digital Marketing

SK Marketing Group's President and Founder, Kathleen started in her world of Social Media when she was in her early teens. Now, more than 15 years later, she has put her knowledge and love for the social world to work in order to help businesses, big or small, grow! Kathleen hails originally from Arlington, MA, but currently resides in the Steel City, Pittsburgh, PA. After watching her late father succumb to lung cancer in April of 2014, she realized, thanks to conversations with him, her purpose was much greater than what she was living to that point. Kathleen realized she needed to refocus her life and focus it on traveling and helping others by any means necessary. Kathleen did just that. After helping her family at home following her father's death, she packed her bags and found Pittsburgh to be her new home.

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