Facebook Pause

Have you heard the news about the Facebook Pause?

As of right now, Facebook is currently not accepting any new apps to its platform. This is stemming from the Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal that has come to light in the past two weeks.

From an agency point of view, this is a set back for sure, but for some people it is their entire agency. I am glad that the Facebook Pause is happening because it will help people realize that they need to have their hands in more than one basket.

Social media will be in the marketing game for a long time (notice I don’t say forever). Nothing will last forever, the marketing game will be consistently & constantly changing. I own a digital marketing agency & chat bots are a single part of a multiple faceted operation. My agency won’t tank if chat bots go away. That is how you should be running your agency.

What are you thoughts on the Facebook Pause?

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