The Wonders of Twitter

I have always been on Twitter & just recently I decided to move my businesses onto Twitter & see if I was able to get the same success that I do when I use it personally.

I love Twitter for the main fact that there is no follow limit. You can find “follower trains” and follow all 1k of them. This allows your brand to be exposed at a very rapid pace. Instagram penalizes you if you follow too many people at once.

I am in the process of building an app for the LGBTQ+ community & Twitter is a place where my target market lives and breathes. I started the account, @Lgbtqapp, and within 1 week I was at 1k following. ALL ORGANIC. None of my other platform accounts for the app are even close to 1k.

Using great content, videos, pictures & proper hashtags we were able to explode practically overnight. If your target market is on Twitter, you need to get on there.

If you are into blogging, definitely get on Twitter! The blogger community is huge on Twitter. They also have follower trains, just for bloggers! They are called, Blogger Trains!

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