Stop making excuses. If I hear one more person say that they are broke so they cannot be an entrepreneur I will scream.

Free Resources:

  • Youtube:
  • Barnes & Noble: You can stay there and read a whole book without having to buy it.
  • Libraries: I shouldn’t have to explain this one…
  • Book swap programs
  • Borrowing from friends

These are just some of the free resources to help get you started. I watch Youtube constantly, there is always something to learn through that platform. You will also realize that there is more than one way to do something & therefore could save you time & teach you more skills.

There are even places to build a website FOR FREE! Take WordPress for example, you can have a blog for free & if you build up a good following, I would suggest becoming an affiliate marketer. Then your blog will be making money & you can start taking courses.

Affiliate marketing can be a gold mine if you have a strong following. It is all based off of trust. If your readers trust you, then they will purchase from you.

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