Morning Hustles

Before I made the decision to quit my job & become a full-time entrepreneur I was in a job that had the greatest work environment I had ever been a part of.

Every morning we would take the first hour & turn the music up loud to pump us up for the day. Within that hour, we would pick a topic and practice until we had perfected it. Once the hour was up, we would head out for our day & hopefully land a handful of sales.

Once I was on my own, I realized how impactful those morning hustles were to my mindset for the day. I can’t tell you how important it is for you to have a positive mindset when selling. We are drawn to people who are positive & bubbly, it is also easier to trust people that are more welcoming. Be excited about what you are selling, the more excited you are, the more people will feel as if they need that product. You have to be able to sell yourself as much as your product.

If you want your sales team to crush the market, you need morning hustles. Getting them pumped up for the product & for their day will not only earn you more sales but will also help them stay positive in their life.

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