The Importance of Photography in Social Media Marketing

As a digital marketing agency owner, I made the choice to invest in a professional photographer to ensure my photos, videos & graphic design are of top quality.

Here is what, Caitlin Manning had to say!


Q: What made you want to do photography?

C: It was never a matter of want to, it was more of my calling. Since the young age of twelve I’ve been clicking the shutter ever since!

Q: Any tips for newbies?

C: Practice! Every chance you get. I’m still practicing. And learn, keep learning. Industries change and new equipment comes out so my suggestion to you is to practice and learn as often as you can. Join a group and make friends who enjoy photography just as much as you do.

Q: What social media platforms do you use?

C: I manage my Facebook business page, Instagram, and my website. As a photographer I don’t find the need to post on every social handle there is. I think the way I promote myself reaches enough people and the demographics I’m looking for.

Q: What type of photography do you do?

C: I photograph everything! I just love photography. My main focuses are street photography, lifestyle, portraits and travel photography. I’m working towards architectural with a client right now and in the works of food photography as a potential new area

Q: Videos are all the rage right now, do you think a high quality photo can make just as large of an impact?

C: I definitely do. It’s a still image but there is something to think about and wonder more about when looking at a single image vs. video content. I think both have high impacts, but for different reasons and in different ways. It all depends on what you’re looking to accomplish and portray.

Q: How often do you travel for photography?

C: I travel at least twice a year, and if not twice then definitely once! If not for work then for my own person fulfillment. Photography and travel are my absolute favorite things to do in this life.

Q: What are your favorite editing softwares?

C: My favorite editing software is Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Each for their own reasons and capabilities but these two for myself are my go-tos as a photographer when editing photos.
About Cailtin Manning

In addition to working full-time at architectural firm Arrowstreet, Boston-based Caitlin Manning is a successful freelance photographer. Her expertise lies in capturing the simple but important moments. Her projects range from interior and exterior photography to portraiture, & travel photography. With Caitlin you can expect a diverse array of experience. Caitlin has a fascination for finding ways to capture specific stories within her work. Her style allows for a totally natural experience. Caitlin’s clients are up-and-coming and she’s currently in collaboration with some really rad industry leaders. To reach Caitlin by e-mail send her a message at or give her a follow and DM her Instagram page @caitlinmanningphotography

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