Top 5 Ways To Up Your Instagram Game

Instagram is where you need to be in 2018, if you are not on there, you are missing out on 800 million people!!

  1. Utilize the stories feature
  2. Use Tailwind to schedule posts a week ahead of time
  3. Hashtag Research
  4. Invest in high quality photo/video
  5. Engage, Engage, Engage

The stories feature is essential to your Instagram account being seen & reach new people. Instagrams most recent algorithm change & update now allows people to share other people’s stories. THIS IS HUGE! Having the stories allows us to post more content without being annoying. Don’t get me wrong, you can overdo it on the stories, but it is a lot harder to do verses posting in your feed.

I am in love with Tailwind! I use it to schedule all of my Instagram posts every week. This allows me to spend less time on posting and more on engagement & other projects. Usually, Sunday is my “scheduling/content creation day. When running several accounts, this is a life saver for organization.

Now with Instagrams most recent algorithm changes, hashtag research is more important now than ever before. Instagram is favoring the posts that have 5-8 hashtags only, not the 30 they allow. You will need to do some good research to find the best hashtags & which ones to “cut”. Take the time to run split tests & take notes.

The saying goes “A picture speaks 1000 words”. Invest in a photographer or classes to learn photography yourself. I have a photographer for my company & I have her teach me a lot along the way. If you make high quality items or services, then they should be portrayed properly with high quality imagery.

I can’t stress enough, the importance of being an active account. An active account isn’t only posting to your account and then closing the app. An active account is an account that engages with their following, likes their photos & leaves genuine comments. Not only engaging on their content but make sure to respond to ALL the comments on your posts. People love being acknowledged & the more active your account is, the higher it will be ranked.

I utilize these 5 things on all of my accounts & it allows me to organically crush engagement & reach. Don’t expect big results overnight, give it some time & you will see all the small results turn into one big success story.



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