Tattoos In The Workplace..

Wake up! It is 2018 & the tattoo industry is worth more than $2 BILLION!

Are you really going to automatically deny someone because they like to be expressive & creative? That doesn’t sound very fair to me.

Do I have tattoos? Yes, many. Actually, as we speak, I have my half sleeve healing!

Here is why I would want to hire someone with tattoos:

  • They tend to be creative
  • They tend to be expressive
  • They tend to be patient

Please enlighten me on how my tattoos are going to determine my strength of skill & expertise. Yeah that sounds pretty weird, right? That is because it is.

21% of adults are tattooed, 21%! That is a lot people to just assume they aren’t professional or good for the job at hand.

This shouldn’t even be conversation by this point, but I know I have lost potential sales because they couldn’t get over my appearance..which was..dress shirt, dress pants, dress shoes, hair nicely done, good hygiene, and my tattoos showing.



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