Here We Go Again!

Instagram has changed their algorithm again! No shocker there.

This means the following.

1. Make sure you are putting your hashtags in the description of your post & not the comments.

2. Utilize the top 5-10 hashtags, instead of 30.

3. Switch up your hashtags, do not use the same ones each post because it will result in you being shadow banned.

4. FOLLOW HASHTAGS! Instagram has this feature to allow you to follow hashtags. This allows your post to show up in new account feeds. Which will lead to new following.

5. Utilize the stories feature. Not only can you geo tag & hashtag within the story, but it will put your story into a “community” story for new eyes to see.

Make sure to implement these five tips to ensure you will be getting your content seen & to keep you off the shadow-ban list.

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