It Is All About Who You Know

Network, network, network!

You can have every degree known to man but you will be overlooked by someone else that is trusted and known. There isn’t as much risk going with someone they know versus a complete stranger.

Most major cities have networking events once a month. Pay the attendance fee and go! You could meet the next client that changes the game. Most networking events are free but usually the ones that help you get to the next level costs a little cash.

You will always learn more from hands on experience than what is provided to you in a classroom.

I don’t care if you’re shy & nervous to talk to people, let your passion do the work for you. Seeing the passion inside someones eyes alone can sign a deal with someone. They are usually at restaurants after work & serve alcohol, which loosens the environment.

I used to be so terrified to talk to strangers because I always thought  I would say something wrong & ruin it all. I started to push myself to do things that take me outside of my comfort zone because I knew that was the only way I could grow my company.

I started with photo shoots & then I moved onto blogging. Little by little I started to become more comfortable with talking to new people because I have gotten over the awkward stage.

The best advice I can give you is, be yourself. Let your personality shine & don’t over think anything. Humans are great are over complicating the simple things in life.

Also, talk in front of the mirror! It seriously helps, actually speaking words and hearing them together besides what you think they will sound like will eliminate some awkward moments.

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