Instagram Stories

Over 300 million people use Instagram Stories every day, with a third of the most viewed Stories coming from businesses

Are you using Instagram Stories? If not, is it just because you don’t think it is beneficial or maybe you don’t personally look at stories, so you assume that no one else does.

Well, fuck what you think. The numbers are there, start doing it.

It is easy!

When you are on your home feed, your logo is in the top left corner with a small blue plus sign. Touch the small blue plus sign & you can take a live video, photo, etc or you can post anything from your camera roll. Once the photo is selected you can then add filters & hashtags etc. Now that you have made it perfect, you hit add to story on the bottom & boom!

To see the analytics of your stories, simply tap your logo again and on the bottom left you will see how many people viewed it. Tap on that number and it will bring you to the analytics. In the analytics you will be able to see each account that viewed your story.

Instagram Stories are essential; they allow you to post much more content to the platform without being overbearing. People can choose to watch them or not, when you use hashtags or geo-tag your story will then be added to the community story (#tattoo or @PittsburghPA), therefore allowing you to reach more people.

One of my favorite features is allowing to host a poll with instant results. You learn so much data about your target market by utilizing this simple feature.

Need help building your Instagram Story strategy, check out & reach out to us! We would love to sit down with you & talk shop!



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