Don’t Let Fear Win..

I am really good at failure, but I don’t fear it, I embrace it.

I started blogging about 2 months ago and I SUCK at writing…so what made me even think about starting?

Blogging, and writing in general, is an integral part to getting my voice out there and it allows me to provide ultimate value to an unlimited, untapped amount of people. Adding a blog to my website drives insane amounts of traffic that I wouldn’t have gotten had I not decide to venture into blogging.

I knew in order to succeed in blogging I would have to hire an editor and take a handful of classes that would teach me avenues where I could creatively write what was on my mind and give it an appropriate title.

So, I hired my editor and prayed that he can make my nonsense sound good. What I have noticed since I started blogging is I am pushing myself to learn more details about my topics and forcing myself to dig deeper in order to learn more.

I have always believed that if you can teach someone else how to do something then you truly know how to do it, even if you aren’t 100% sure, you are learning more as you go.

Don’t be scared, just start typing, making several drafts with several edits. Fear cripples us, makes us unsure of ourselves, even though we know the information and what we are writing about.

The way I get started is by ignoring grammar and spelling, I just type to get my thoughts out on paper. Once I have all that laid out, I start to organize my thoughts so that it can make sense for my readers. After that, I send it off to my editor to give him a headache with how horrible I write.

My blog has helped get me thousands of page views on my Pinterest page, by having related photos to my blog allows me to pin it to my business account and it just takes off from there.

If you are using the excuse of “I suck at writing” to not start a blog, get over it and learn. Hire an editor & make some magic happen.





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