Tips To Raise Your Instagram Engagement Rate

Yesterday I came across my first “hater” I guess you could call them. I run several accounts on Instagram and devote massive time and energy to my clients’ accounts to grow them organically and build B2B/B2C relationships.

I was questioned on my engagement rate for my business account.

Now, before I dive more in-depth here are the engagement rates (provided by

Low: 0%-1.64%

Good: 1.64% -3.48%

High: 3.48%-6.67%

Very High: 6.67%-100%

I used to be at 70% and I was being called a fraud because it is “impossible” and it is hard. The truth is, it isn’t hard.

Here are my tips to a great engagement rate:

  1. Post multiple times per day, evenly spread out. DO NOT CLUTTER TIMELINES
  2. Take the time to go through your feed and like your follower’s post & leave valuable comments
  3. Provide value in all posts to engage discussions
  4. Respond to EVERY comment genuinely
  5. Join engagement groups. I am in a ton on Telegram and a few on the Instagram platform itself
  6. Actively follow new accounts & engage with them
  7. Build partnerships & sponsorships

In order to succeed, you must have great time management because to run a successful business, you can’t focus all of your time on one aspect. Make sure when you are on Instagram you aren’t just scrolling through and looking around. Engage, engage, engage.

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