5 Reasons Why Facebook Messenger Will Outperform Email Marketing

Have you heard of Messenger Marketing? I’m guessing yes but you don’t really get it, right? Messenger Marketing is utilizing platforms like Facebook & creating a Chatbot for whatever industry you are in, connecting it to your Business Page and you’re set. You now might be confused on what these things do and what’s the point. These bots allow us to take back our time, capture leads, and cultivate them to the point of purchase. Below are my reasons on why Messenger Marketing will beat out email.

1. Accessibility

• When you market through Messenger you have accessibility directly to that person via Facebook. Messaging apps were the most downloaded apps in 2017, this allows us to directly talk to our customer at any time and have a conversation with them. Messenger now allows your business to have a mobile strategy!

2. Interactive

• Bots are fun! For everyone they allow you to do things emails don’t allow you to do! You can create a survey within it, you can capture and nurture leads, or it allows you just to talk to someone else like a human just like you. The key to gaining a customer is keeping them interested and interacted with you or your product.

3. Open Rates

• People open messages around 80-90% of the time compared to email which hoovers around 30% for most. For this reason alone, is why I focus on Messenger Marketing! When your message is opened up 90% of the time that means almost everyone your list is at least seeing it and potentially reading it. The more people who see and read your message the more opportunity for business you allow yourself.

4. Click Through Rates

• For people who are not sure what I mean by Click Through Rates I will break it down. Click through rates are based off of how many people click on 1 or more of your links in an email or message. This means if you have a special you’re running or a new product launch people on a messenger bot are more apt to click on the link to the offer, People that use messenger usually see a click through rates right around 7-10x more than email.

5. Custom To Your Business

• Bots are customizable to your business, this means when someone lands at your bot you can make it do anything you want. For example, when it comes to real estate we make our bot pretty simple, we give the lead value for exchange of information. However, I am currently building a bot to replace my website within it, it will host resources, all my services, and even a tab that will allow people to contact me directly through messenger.

Go out there and go to sites like Manychat.com or Chatfuel.com and create your first bot! The numbers are there for you to jump in and give it a try, just connect it to your page and see the magic start to roll in. If you want more information on Messenger Marketing you can email me at Dan@hdmarketingsolutions.me.

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