27 Tips for Instagram Marketing

Tips for Instagram Marketing

  1. Create an engaging bio
  2. Regularly update your bio with new keywords to bring in a new wave of followers
  3. Use the link in your bio to connect to a landing page
  4. Switch up your profile picture regularly to keep a fresh look
  5. Download an analytics app (free ones are awesome, no need to purchase)
  6. Schedule posts a week prior
  7. Keep up on the algorithm to ensure you are not doing actions to be shadow banned
  8. Have at least 9 photos before following people
  9. Use 20-25 photo specific hashtags
  10. Hashtag research
  11. Follow hashtags specific to your niche
  12. Follow/Unfollow growth method
  13. BE ACTIVE, comment and like your followers & industry posts
  15. Post 2-5 times per day, depending on niche.
  16. Creative an interactive hashtag. (i.e brand name)
  17. Repost app & interact with large accounts, they love being reposted
  18. Be creative!
  19. Take advantage of trending hashtags
    1. Chocolate cake might be trending and you may sell the ingredients to make chocolate cake. You can highly benefit from the trend still
  20. Post videos & pictures. No just one or the other
  21. High Quality photos & videos
  22. Partner with Influencers
  23. Respond to ALL comments
  24. Join engagement groups (telegram)
  25. Be authentic
  26. Host hashtag contests
  27. Have a uniform theme


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