Embrace Uncertainty

It isn’t a secret, people fear change.

But if you embrace uncertainty you can get ahead of your competition.

There are 2 types of uncertainty:

  1. Demand

– How many customers will buy your product?

  1. Delivery

– Can we deliver what the customers want?


This world is changing quickly today and the companies that are adaptable, fast, and agile are able to face the uncertainty and therefore have an advantage over other companies that cripple upon change.

Take a chapter from the film industry. You probably are thinking. Katie, are you crazy? What does the film industry have to do with me?

Well, yes I am crazy, and the film industry is who you should mimic. Let me explain.

When you are directing a film, you are taking a tremendous risk. Most films never make it to where they are desired to be, but when they do the reward is astounding. So they bust their butt and hope it is a hit. When it isn’t they adapt, adjust, and make the next one better.

In 2016, Walt Disney Studios made 5.8 billion dollars in global box office revenue with 3 films. THREE FILMS made them 5.8 BILLION DOLLARS. We all know Walt Disney released A LOT more than 3 movies.

Walt Disney lives on uncertainty by placing multiple bets, replicating success to reduce risk, take what works and add it to another, and they serve a specific niche.

When you own a digital marketing agency, you want to make sure you can cover all bases. This is so relevant right now because of net neutrality. If social media goes down then you have to be able to pay rent by email marketing, etc.

I recently brought on, Dan Tie man to my team because I don’t know much about messenger bots right now, but he knows all about it. I brought on Shaun Steinberg today to train on cold emailing. I have multiple aspects of digital marketing working right now because when one stream of revenue dies out, I will need to pay rent somehow..aka placing multiple bets.

When something works, keep doing it! Don’t just be like okay cool, next. Develop the idea even more and do it again. If it works the first time and you improve upon it for a second time; I guarantee it will be just as successful.

Embrace uncertainty, don’t run from it, because that uncertainty may be the key to your million dollar year.

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