Tailwind – Pinterest & Instagram Scheduling

I am thrilled to hear that Instagram is now allowing third party sites to schedule posts. The news broke today and it is about time. The only downside I tend to hear from users are that they wish you could schedule to post on Instagram.

I have been asked so many times what I use to schedule my posts & the answer is Tailwind! It is user friendly, simple & they have an awesome hashtag choosing tool. It breaks downwhich hashtags are more broad and more competitive to help gauge your engagement and reach for each post.

A lot of business owners don’t realize that Pinterest is a great app to get referral traffic. Find an enticing photo, link it to the proper page & boom it is accessed to millions on the addicting app.

Check it out for yourself, they do 30 day free trials to allow you to play around and see if it is a good fit for you.



Author: Digital Marketing

SK Marketing Group's President and Founder, Kathleen started in her world of Social Media when she was in her early teens. Now, more than 15 years later, she has put her knowledge and love for the social world to work in order to help businesses, big or small, grow! Kathleen hails originally from Arlington, MA, but currently resides in the Steel City, Pittsburgh, PA. After watching her late father succumb to lung cancer in April of 2014, she realized, thanks to conversations with him, her purpose was much greater than what she was living to that point. Kathleen realized she needed to refocus her life and focus it on traveling and helping others by any means necessary. Kathleen did just that. After helping her family at home following her father's death, she packed her bags and found Pittsburgh to be her new home.

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