2018 Instagram Algorithm Changes..Again


Instagram has finally caught on to the engagement pods and will not be counting comments under 4 words as engagement. Before you freak out, this is actually a good thing for those running accounts on Instagram’s platform because it will mean that the comments left are authentic to your post.



I have come up with the schedule to do my usual 3 to 4 posts on the feed and between each of those posts, I will post something pretty simple to my story. This way you are not cluttering your followers feed and still staying both a highly active and engaging account.


Followers can respond to stories, so make sure you are responding to comments in a timely manner just like you would with a comment on a post. Another great feature for story posts are that you can do shout-outs without cluttering feeds.



Use Instagram for what it is for, interaction. Like photos on your feed and occasionally leave real genuine comments. The change to the algorithm is bringing the users back to the original basic use, commenting and liking on your follower’s feeds and having conversations. Real interaction, no bots.


80/20 Rule

If you are using Instagram for business purposes remember the 80/20 rule, 80% knowledge and 20% promotion/sponsorship. You want people to remember that you are human, and businesses thrive off of human connection. Remind people you are human. If you run short on post ideas, rock a behind the scenes post or a fun fact post about your industry. Make sure that it is full of value though, Do not be posting just to post because it will turn people off to your brand and what you’re trying to promote.



To prevent getting shadow banned, you want to have a highly engaging caption without all the emojis. You are more likely to get better engagement using 10-15 niche specific hashtags versus all 30 broad hashtags. This is where your hashtag research comes in, if you are unaware of how to rock hashtag research let me know and I can show you how.


4 thoughts on “2018 Instagram Algorithm Changes..Again

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  1. Sheesh! As soon as I’m introduced to engagement pods they go down in flames SMDH. I think it can still be worked around, isn’t there such a thing as an organic/honest engagement pod?

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      1. Wow! Seems strange to me, the first I found was secured by bots/rules but everyone there was engaging organically….I guess that’s a rarity.

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