Top Cold Call Tips

Cold calling is every business owner’s kryptonite, but I can promise you it is not as scary as everyone plays it off to be.

The first thing you need remember is that you are still a human just like the person on the other side of the conversation. With that being said, cold calling is just a conversation. Most cold calls I receive are sales people basically reading off a script and not incorporating their personality at all which turns me off almost immediately.

It’s imperative that while you are cold calling, you let your personality shine through. By letting your personality shine through you are building a relationship while also having a genuine conversation with your prospect.


Here are my top tips for cold calling:

  • Know what you are selling in and out, be confident
  • Build a relationship with the prospect
  • Take them to lunch, be interested in what they do
  • Once trust is there, start bringing up your sales
  • This isn’t an overnight action
  • It should take about a week


Give these tips a shot, be patient and let your personality do the work.

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