Affiliate Marketing!

Fellow bloggers and writers!

Have you heard of affiliate marketing?

I was always aware of it, but never truly knew what it was. I started blogging about a month ago now. I love it, absolutely love it. I didn’t even realize that I could get paid for blogging…what! You heard me right.

I work with different type of industries all over the country and recently I linked up with Kevin Pheley, who has a featured entry in my blog. Kevin is incredibly knowledgeable in credit processing as well as social media. He turned me on to affiliate marketing, super simple too!

Share Sale is a great place to start. For starters, it has been around for 18 years, so it is a trusted platform and source of income. The way it works is simple: create a profile and get approved. FYI: you don’t need to be an experienced affiliate marketer to gain access to this website. Perfect for beginners.

Then you choose what it is that you would like to promote, the options are endless. Once you figure out what it is that you would like to promote, you simply blog about it, include a link and boom you are done. Anyone that clicks on the link and purchases something you will then get some type of commission.

-Written by Kathleen Sullivan

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