The Importance of a Website

I have seen a lot of talk lately about the importance of a website.

Here is what you need to know..

1. The most important tool you will ever obtain is your email list.
2. Websites are a perfect way to grow your email list & lets your subscribers know what it is that they will be receiving.
3. A website can be an online portfolio to show prospects.

My personal opinion, build a website. It is a destination to attract your target market & engage them. If you got their email then they are yours.

Here is another value bomb you need to know.

Social media is CONSTANTLY evolving, which means you have to constantly evolve your social marketing plan.


Meaning, do not strictly have social media accounts, solely a website, solely an email list, you get the point.

Here’s why; Net neutrality is scaring the crap out of small business owners because their once free social media marketing might not be so free anymore…let alone FB algorithm changes that will force you to put good money into your ads now, just to be seen.

If you can’t access social media anymore, for whichever reason & that is the only basket you have…what does that leave you? Nothing..

Lets recap: Most important thing to have, email list. Secondary, website. Then rock your social media accounts to drive traffic to those two places.

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