Becoming a LinkedIn Pro

LinkedIn became popular while I was in college, just after the turn of the decade. In school, we had an administrator that pushed LinkedIn and because of that, I stuck with the site.

I landed my first client from LinkedIn for a cool $4K per month.

LinkedIn is often referred to as a professional version of Facebook, a statement I agree wholeheartedly with. LinkedIn works the same as Facebook by way of positioning articles and photos, as well as tagging others and use different tools within the site.

As far as content goes, the site is pure value. Obviously LinkedIn is not the place to post family photos or pictures from your weekend, but its your way to grow an impressive professional network.

Begin simply by starting with creating a profile. LinkedIn will serve as your online resume where you can delve into your various job descriptions as well as have people endorse your skills and leave recommendation.

After creating your profile, reach out to people you know, your current employer, past employers and co-workers. Endorse their skills where applicable and keep that professional relationship going.

After all business is about who you know. This allows you to reach out to influencers, others in your field, potential clients. employees,  and competition. The possibilities with LinkedIn are endless.

Also in your profile, you will put your education level which has the potential to allow you to reach out to current students and alumni who have been in your field before giving you extra benefits to help your career.

The basic version for LinkedIn is free, however, they do have other types of accounts as well that are costly.

Interested in learning more on how to become a LinkedIn pro, check out the link below.

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