The Power of Social Media in 2018

It is easy to think of Facebook or Twitter and President Trump when you hear or see the words social media.

Those in the political and athletic realm are able to use their following and the power of social media to influence and connect with people not only in the United States, but also the world.

From the outside looking in, capitalizing on your social media following and the impact that comes with it is a very practical strategy and allows for the voter or fan to feel like their voice can be heard and are more powerful than if they just spoke up in front of their friends or at a town hall meeting.

The power and influence social media provides to the average user let alone a celebrity or public figure is immensely strong. It’s relatively easy to create a page and have that page reach nearly a million people within the first week of the page’s existence. Not even brick and mortar stores have that type of traffic even to solely browse. Social media makes reaching a large amount of people possible.

The networking capabilities available as a result of social media are innumerable and can be used as a tool to strengthen your network on both the professional and personal side of social media. The instant access to nearly anything imaginable makes it easy to start something from scratch, say a blog, for example.

Social media makes connecting with a blogger, or anyone who has worked on a blog, readily available. Those connections allow users to grow in multiple facets both on the professional and personal spectrum.

The beauty of social media is that the access it provides to public figures and the ability to provide information at the click of a link is all free, for the time being.

Those social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and the like provide users with unprecedented access to those they follow as well as any sort of information they’d like to receive all at the click of a button.

With that type of access, online stores have seen much more success even without the typical brick and mortar store.

The 24/7 access and capability of the internet has changed the shopping game both in store and online.

The unprecedented access allows a convenience for those using social media or shopping sites, but it also provides businesses with untapped potential to capitalize on a new market segment in social media.

As net neutrality continues to be hotly debated, businesses continue to obsess over social media and the free advertising that comes with the use of the platforms and sites. It has changed the marketing game as businesses have the ability to reach millions, if not hundreds of millions of people all for free based on whichever social media platform they prefer.

It allows small businesses to openly compete with the big boys of their industries as well as makes it possible for the impact of non-profits to have a stronger hold in their realm of concentration. Social media has provided newfound flexibility for those in the workforce and those still at home as they capitalize off of the opportunities presented by social media.

With every good thing are side effects that are bad and provide users the opportunity for people to take advantage of and abuse their platforms. Social media is no different in that regard and is potentially far more capable of bad than good things based on the access it gives to users.

Bullying has always been at the forefront of issues in the classroom or on the playing field or work place, but with social media, bullying has gone to new levels. With 24/7 access to accounts and pages, bullies are able to attack their targets with ease from the comforts of their home no matter how far away their target is.

The bullying in certain cases has led to ramifications including death for both the bullies and those being bullied. The access allowed by the individuals is ever changing, however, it is imperative the right steps are taken to deter bullies and change the scope of cyber bullying.

On the business side of social media is where the most impact can happen both good and bad for individual businesses. The access allows customers to provide feedback on their experiences as well as businesses to respond in real-time to customer concerns or issues.

That said, should customers have a bad experience, they have the ability to let the world know via social media anytime something goes awry. Businesses then, are able to provide quick and efficient fixes to those issues so they so choose to not only rectify those issues but also build quality in their customer relations departments.

The power of social media is truly unlimited, but it ultimately comes down to how you, the business owner, are going to build on that unlimited power to grow your business and brand.

– Written by Kathleen Sullivan

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