My Top 5 Social Media Management Apps

Throughout my career of social media marketing, there have been hundreds of different tools to help organize and produce results which I’ve come across, some great and some not so great. Here are my top 5 social media tools that I believe help organize and grow my brand online:


My love for Iconosquare is deep. If you have yet to hear of Iconosquare, it is an analytics and scheduling app for Instagram.

Iconosquare works with Facebook too, but I only use it for Instagram. One of the first things that caught my attention while using this app, was it took the time to get analytics from prior to downloading the app. Some apps, don’t give us that pleasure and they’ll start the analytics only at the date of first download.

This app is super easy to use and has a simple and straightforward interface. One of the main features I like, demonstrates the simple and straightforward interface.

Users are able to see their most recent media with statistics broken down. Having this tool allows helps users gauge patterns and see what/if certain techniques are working. Iconosquare also shows you the best time to post & the time your followers are on the most to help you gauge when to post.

Note: They do not post directly to Instagram, but they schedule the post and remind you at the time you want to post it.


Up next is the Repost app for Instagram. The simplest way to describe this app is it serves as the Instagram version of Twitter’s retweet feature. Users copy the link to the photo you choose to share and open the Repost app. Once open you will find the photo right there in a list and when you click on it, you’ll choose where you want the tag, then open it in Instagram and post it like a normal picture. It is simple and easy to use, a must have for Instagram users.


WhatsApp. is a messaging app that allows you to connect to people all over the world without having to use your real phone number. Personally I am fond of this app because one of my clients has an office out of the country and WhatsApp allows me to be able to reach them quickly and easily to work with that office as well as the one in the United States. This app provides convenience in what would normally be an inconvenient communication situation.


Hubspot is free app I have very recently discovered and began using. Of course, there are some limitations on the free version but it doesn’t stop you from being able to run your business and stay organized. The paid versions are inexpensive as well. It is broken down into two major parts, Sales & Marketing.

It allows you to track everything: your contacts, deals, companies, etc. It is great to have a simple and easy to use CRM, especially one that is free. The marketing side is also simple and walks you through simple basic steps for SEO & marketing.


Legend is a quote app that turns your simple quote into a video. As 2018 is the year for video marketing, this is a major need to have in your toolbox. It is simple, you choose a background, either your library or through theirs, then write out your quote and choose how you want the video to look.

Being a social media marketer can be overwhelming at times, but having applications such as these could be a life-saver as you work to grow your business and online presence.

– Written by Kathleen Sullivan

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